The ADSO Jobs Service provides comprehensive advertising of your job vacancy at very competitive rates.

ADSO provides value for money advertising rates with a reach to over 1,500 people working in a democratic environment, which covers areas including: committee services, policy, overview and scrutiny, member development, civic and community governance teams.

We offer a range of packages for both ADSO and Non ADSO Members.

We do not offer commission for agencies given our rates are so competitive.

Our rates:

  • £350 (plus VAT) for ADSO members, per advert
  • £450 (plus VAT) for non ADSO members, per advert
  • £130 (plus VAT) for ADSO members and £180 plus VAT for non ADSO members – per e-alert to all of our members

Advert prices include:

Advert for one vacancy posted on our site for the length of the advertising period, to be listed on our jobs directory.

Listing on all our social media channels, X, Facebook and Linkedin

Details to be included in the weekly Democracy Direct newsletter and on the home page of our website.

For an extra £130 plus VAT for ADSO members and £180 plus VAT for non ADSO members we can send an e-alert with details of the job to all ADSO members  (the alert will be sent within five days of the advert going live).

Terms and Conditions

Here are the full Terms and Conditions of our jobs service:

ADSO Jobs Service Terms and Conditions

extension: pdf

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If you have any queries please contact Sarah Hawkins, via email