ADSO has developed a webinar programme as part of our offer for our members.  These are all free but are kindly sponsored by suppliers within the sector.  The webinars will be held virtually using GoToWebinar.

Members need to register for the events beforehand and details for each event with links to the registration form will be listed below once these are confirmed.  You may need to check that your council/organisation is not blocking the GoTo software before the webinar date.

Upcoming Events:

1. Friday 15 July 14:30 – 15:30 – The impact of abuse and intimidation of councillors – Jess Norman, Senior Policy Adviser, Local Government Association (LGA)  

Book here:

2. Tuesday 20 September 10:30 -11:30 – The role, work and experiences of Councillors– Professor Colin Copus (booking details to follow)

3. Revised date tbc: Managing Hybrid meetings for DSO’s 

Details of further webinars will be posted as these are confirmed.

Please note that you will need to be able to login in to GoTo webinar in order to access the webinars.  If you are logging in from your workplace, you will need to ensure that GoTo has not been blocked by your organisation.  Otherwise you can log on from your mobile.

Should you have a suggested topic for a future webinar, please email

Historic webinar recordings can be accessed through the drop-down tab by year under this page.

2022 Webinar recordings and PPTs

1. Levelling-Up: The Implications and Opportunities for DSOsProfessor Colin Copus – 20 April 2022

Video recording link:


Levelling-Up:  The Implications and Opportunities for DSOs PPT – Colin Copus – 2022-04-20

extension: pdf

2. The New Model Code of Conduct – Paul Hoey – 20 May 2022

Video recording link:


The New Model Code of Conduct -Paul Hoey – 2022-05-20

extension: pdf