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Bursaries are being made available to Councils with learners with ADSO membership who wish to undertake either the Certificate or Diploma programme but are unable to do so because of the overall cost.  In each financial year, a total of £5k is available between the two programmes:  £3,750 across the Certificate programme and £1,250 across the Diploma programme.  ADSO and our main sponsor Civica are providing funding for this initiative.

Applications are now welcome for:

  • Certificate programme: March 2024 learners
  • Diploma programme October 2024 learners

How to apply
To apply for a bursary, learners must download and fully complete the application form with input from their line manager

ADSO Bursary application form

extension: docx

This must be submitted together with:

  • The learner’s formal Expression of Interest in either the Certificate or Diploma programme
  • A letter of support from their Council (this is in addition to the details your manager needs to complete on the application form)


Applications will not be accepted after these deadlines to allow for decisions to be made in line with the formal registration process for these programmes

Additional Information

  • Applications will be assessed and decisions taken by a panel of the ADSO Board together with Steve Garratt, Managing Director, Modern Gov
  • We also offer the option of match funding the programme of study as another option. If an individual or authority are able to pay half the fee, ADSO would cover the remaining 50%. To qualify, applicants must submit a letter of support from the authority and answer all the criteria questions

Please note – bursary applications will only be considered from learners who are paid up members of ADSO