Lawyers in Local Gov conference

I have just returned from the Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) Weekend School in Bristol. I was invited as ADSO Chair and was also delighted to accept an invitation to be part of the plenary Q&A panel on the first morning. I spoke about the challenges facing both lawyers and democratic services staff (including the … Continued

Latest from the Chair

“Well I’m back from my travels after spending the best part of 4 weeks in 85 degree heat with shorts, t shirts and flip flops the norm, plus the coldest beers you can imagine. So much so that my body has now gone into complete shock mode with the freezing temperatures we are enduring. On … Continued

Latest from the Vice Chair

Well, this is my last newsletter for now, so hopefully I will make it a good one……or at least better than the others! I have a few things to report before we get into the main features. Firstly, I wish to welcome back to ‘El Presidente’, otherwise known as John Austin, our Chair, who returns … Continued

Voice of Councillor/Notwestminster event update

I don’t want to speak too soon but it looks like spring is not that far away….cue snow over Easter!!  Weather aside, this week I report back from the two sessions that ADSO supported, the Voice of the Councilor and Notwestminster, both of which were held in Kirklees. VOICE OF THE COUNCILLOR This was the … Continued

Voice of Councillor/Notwestminster

Hello. This week we focus on two sessions that ADSO is pleased to be able to contribute to. These are two sessions you will be familiar with the Voice of the Councilor and Notwestminster, both of which will be held in Kirklees. VOICE OF THE COUNCILLOR We are attending the last of the three initial … Continued

Training and development

Hello again. I hope you all had a good week last week and ready for another as they sure come thick and fast. There is a training and development flavour to this week’s newsletter. Many thanks to Sue, our Director of Development. Introduction to Electoral Services training Last week you will recall I highlighted joint training sessions … Continued

Update from the Vice Chair

Whatever time of the day you open this I hope you are having a good one. As you will be aware John, our chair, is off on holiday to warmer climes for a well deserved break, which leaves you with me for a couple of weeks. IIMC in the UK Following on from the article … Continued


We have an international flavour this week. As part of our membership of the IIMC, you will know that we have helped organise two very successful symposiums in Brussels in 2014 and 2017. A number of ADSO members attended and had a great time. The next event is being planned for 2019 and I’m pleased … Continued

ADSO training programme for 2018

The ADSO training Programme is back in full swing and the following courses are currently open for bookings. The cost (including lunch) of £95 + VAT for ADSO Members and £130+ VAT for non ADSO Members is excellent value for money when compared with elsewhere. Meetings Procedures (linked to ADSO Certificate) 22nd January – Midlands … Continued